From Chaos to Creativity: Christmas Hope for a New Year

The Earth was a desolate wilderness shrouded in darkness, but the breath of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. (Genesis 1:2)

In my last post I investigated Jesus’ birth as a new Exodus; a liberation from the dark and oppressive forces of Egypt, and settlement in a new life of fruitful abundance. Continuing on this theme, I thought I might focus this post upon the conception of Jesus’ birth as a new creation (or if you prefer a new beginning) as we move through the Christmas season towards the New Year.

The story of creation in the opening chapter of the bible begins with an aquatic wasteland which embodies hopelessness, frustration, and futility. But hope is present because the breath of God, the source of all life and creativity, is hovering, anticipating the new world that is about to break forth. The rest of the chapter is a celebration of the beauty and order of nature which sprouts from the dark chaos, as the breath of God shines light into the darkness.


The Gospel of John presents Jesus’ life as a new creation. Just as the breath of God shines light into the dark wasteland, so Jesus comes as “the true light which gives light to everyone.” Perhaps you are in that dark place now, where everything appears to be pointless, and the thought of facing another year fills you with despair. In that case, let the Christmas message of hope and new beginnings sink deep into the darkest corners of your being, and let the breath of God fill your lungs, as we move towards 2017. May your new year be filled with inexpressible joy and unimaginable blessings.





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