Experiencing the Divine Mystery

In union with God,
the heart absorbs the Lord and the Lord the heart,
and the two become one.
St John Chrysostom

In a true encounter with the divine, all distinctions and constructed paradigms give way to an overwhelming experience of awe and wonder. In that moment, there are no enemies, no wars to fight, but only an inclusive love radiating out in all directions; a “oneness” extending to all creation. Once we experience this, we can truly understand what St John means when he writes “God is love.”


I suspect one of the biggest obstacles to experiencing the divine in this way is dualistic thinking. By learning to leave behind dualistic thinking I have learnt to love and enjoy life and the people around me. Much like Richard Rohr describes in his book, Falling Upwards, I am no longer seeking the things I love, but rather learning to love what I have here and now.

The faith tradition of which I am a part expends a lot of energy making distinctions between the perfect Divine and sinful humanity. However, When we truly experience God the divine/mortal dichotomy fades into non-existence and, as Chrysostom says, “the two become one.”


Because of our humanity any experience of the Divine must come through our human experience, and we can’t really be objective about our experience because we are wholly and intimately involved in our experiences. Our experience is not some object to be studied behind the glass wall of a laboratory; something to be tested, and prodded, and poked, but rather our experiences are experienced in all their mysterious beauty.  For this reason, language and theoretical categories will always fail to adequately describe our experiences. Those who truly experience the Divine are forced to embrace a non-dual mindset that revels in the mystery of Divine union.


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