Seeking True Life

I came that they may have true life and have it in abundance – Jesus

When many people think of religion they think of long lists of

do’s and don’ts;

rules and statutes;

and of demands by which we are commanded to live.

But Jesus doesn’t say that he has come to provide laws and commandments, but that his followers might experience what it means to truly live.  So, we should be immediately suspicious of any type of spirituality which seems to

stifle life;

breed boredom;

and which is more concerned with pleasing some celestial being than tasting true joy.

In short, if it doesn’t bring true life then it doesn’t fit Jesus’s mission statement, “I came that they may have true life and have it in abundance.”

It might be worthwhile considering what “true life” looks like. Take a short moment to watch this short but funny BCF commercial.

At the end of this video, which shows two men enjoying the seclusion of the camping spot, the narrator states “this is living.” Obviously the narrator is not referring to life in a biological sense, but rather to

another type of life;

a full life;

a joyful life.

What does “true life” mean to you?  Try to think of those times when you felt most alive. Perhaps the BCF advertisement resonates with you and activities such as boating, camping, and fishing are those things which make you feel most alive. For others it may be riding a rollercoaster, surfing, mountain climbing, playing or listening to music, smelling a rose, or embracing a lover, which gives that feeling of full life.  It is in these moments that we truly experience the divine presence.

This is the starting point of our journey. We are all seeking to truly live in the BCF sense.  The question is: Where and how can true life be found?



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